Stageline N

Can the Stageline N be powered from a NAC 112 Amp or does it need a separate power supply?

A friend is looking at one for his newly acquired NAC 112 (yet to be collected).

Not concerned with upgrading it at the moment, just to get it up and running.

Many thanks.

Yes, from Aux2 on the back of the NAC112.

The Stageline will come with a Snaic5. This is used to connect between the two.


Many thanks for the quick answer

Just be sure it comes with the SNAIC, or else factor in the cost of a (genuine) replacement.

You might also make sure it’s the RCA version, though the BNC one is less common they do exist, I have one here to suit my Aro.

When’s he picking it up and what’s he going to run it with? And have you steered him towards the forum?!

It will be with a NAC 112 and NAP 150, which he’s picking up next week. The source is a LP12.

And yes, given him the details of this Forum.

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