Stageline N

Can i use my Flatcap2x to power a Stageline N? It already powers a NAC112, NAP150 and a CD5. If so do i use Signal out B as per photo?

Only two items can be powered directly from a flat cap 2x but as it’s powering your pre amp if you use the powered AUX socket for the stageline the power will come from the Flatcap via the pre.

Did you by chance compare the sound with cables tied up to that with them loose? It makes a difference higher up the range but I’ve no experience of the 112/150 (though I had a CD5x, it got me back into Naim).

Thanks. So does that mean i use the blanked out Aux 2 on the pre amp in the photo or the one next to it?
Will try cables loose.
Also is a CD5i ok with Flatcap2x?

Also don’t tighten the collars on the dins, keep them unattached.

I didn’t think the 5i had an upgrade socket for a power supply, the 5 did and 5x and 5xs and all of those benefit from a flatcap though purists would use the matching one from the same series.

On the other matter connect the 270 DIN Snaic from the stageline to the AUX2 socket with the cover over it and it will power the stageline and feed the signal from it to the preamp, move the cover to the unpowered AUX2 socket to remind you not to connect anything else to it. I’m doing exactly that with the AUX2 of a 282. Put the collar nearest the stageline.

Except Snaics, those that carry power. Tighten those.

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Why’s that?

It upholds the “loose” / floating design concept, hence why the din sockets all wobble and the power inlet sockets all wobble. Hence don’t make the din interconnects rigid. One of the installation tweaks I learned while working at Naim.

In your set, I would power a Stageline from the powered Aux2 on the back of the NAC.

Are you able to put the FC2x on a separate shelf rather than sitting it on top your NAP? I am hoping the CD5 is on its own shelf.

I would definitely get rid of the cable ties.

Thanks everyone for your kind replies. I will do as advised.
I’m pretty new to this system and I haven’t bought the stageline yet and I’m using the pre amp in an audio technica lp5 deck but the sound is weak and rather shrill through the av port in my preamp NAC112. Have you any suggestions in the time leading up to my stageline purchase to improve my sound?
One other thing, having just acquired the system 2nd hand the cd5 drawer makes a noise on opening which sounds as if it is catching on something. It plays ok . Any ideas? I can attach video if you want.

Probably worth trying the turntable through another unused input other than AV. Is the switch on the back of the turntable on ‘phono’ ?

Its on line which activates the internal preamp.
Ive tried the tuner port but thats the same.

There is a ribbon cable between the swing out drawer and the main circuit board that has a fold in it to allow for the movement. This can sag and rub on the casing. My CD5x used to do this and as I’d bought it from new I took it back to the dealership. The dealer opened it up and flexed the cable a few times which cured it for a while but it was soon rubbing again. I just left it after that and it had no further consequences.
A warning if you are tempted to investigate. I remember there was one screw in an odd place, I can’t remember if it was under a small bung or if there was something else that struck me as odd. I also seem to remember the screws have a specific torque when tightening.

You really should take the cable ties off those cables and let them hang free.
They are under to much stress like that.

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I’ll do that. Yes cd5 on own shelf :smile:
Thanks for your help

Thanks done that :smile:

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