Stageline Newbie

Pulled the pin on a Stageline for my SN3.

I’m a correct in that I can run this from the SN3 sans-power supply?

Does it come with an interconnect that connects to the SN3.

I’m new to Naim and still working it all out.

Q1. Yes. There is a socket on the back of the SN3 marked ‘Aux in & power’.

Q2. Yes. Stagelines are supplied with a Snaic 5 which would be plugged into the socket, above.

The SN3 contains a moving magnet stage, so I am guessing you have bought a Stageline S, for a moving coil cartridge. Is that the case?

Naim can be a bit confusing when you are new to it. Your dealer should be able to take the stress away from you.

Correct. Want to try out with MC cartridges I have. Dealers where I come from, are uneducated, disinterested and pretty ordinary when it comes to Naim. We are also in total lockdown so can’t audition or listen to anything.

Thanks for the answers :pray:t2:


Be careful to choose the right cart for it, depending on the stageline you have, S, K, or N ( ?).

Another newbie Stageline question. Stageline S is for moving coil and Stageline N is for moving magnet. What is Stageline K for?

There are E, K, S, and N. I know that E is for high output MC ( > 0,8 Mv).

K is also for a low output MC, but it has slightly different loading and also it doesn’t roll off the top end as steeply or as early on in the frequency range. As such it’s best for MC carts that have a well behaved top end. It’s called “K” as it was optimised for the Linn Karma, so of course also worked optimally with the Troika too.


@frenchrooster and @Richard.Dane
Thanks! Stageline/Superline is an area I’m not too familiar with as I don’t have a modern Turntable (yet!)

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