Stageline Placement

My audio rack is running tight on space so will be playing around with some component positioning soon to see if I can clean things up a bit. I’m wondering about placement of my Stageline phono pre-amp which is powered through my Nait XS. If I place the Stageline on top of the Nait XS what are the chances it will cause humming from the Nait XS? I get it every now and then which I believe is coming from a tv box that’s connected in the system and it bothers me so I don’t want to add to the problem.

Any experience or advice is appreciated.

If you really need to put the Stageline on top of the Nait then place it to the left so that it’s not sat over the Nait’s internal transformer. I’d also look at getting the hum from the TV box sorted. Probably ground loop related but a bit more info about when it happens and what else is connected to the Nait would be useful.

Also put some bits of paper under the feet of the Stageline, to avoid marking the top of the Nait. This was discussed in a recent thread.

Good idea thanks!

Thanks for that good point on placement. Re the hum it only seems to happen after watching tv for a while in the evenings. It lasts for a bit and then goes again. I haven’t noticed a hum with any other activity other than tv. And it’s not audible during performance just when the system is off and the room is quiet.

Re connections the tv box is fibre op and is connected to the nait via rca. The other connections include a newer rega turntable through a stageline and an ndx. The ndx has an oppo bdp83 via coaxial and an Apple TV via toslink connected to it. I don’t get humming from the ndx and the rega is a current model so I’m thinking the tv box is the culprit. Any suggestions on what I can do to get rid of it is appreciated!

Is the hum coming from the speakers or is it mechanical hum from the Nait itself ?

Hi James it’s coming from the unit

Sorry unit could be anything lol it’s the nait itself

Ah ok - it’s mechanical hum from the transformer. Some Naim products do this more than others. It’s usually down to the quality of the mains and as you’ve found it can vary through the day. It can be caused by items in the house (eg a hairdryer being used could make it much louder) or come from an external source. You say you only hear it when the room is quiet so it sounds like there is nothing much to worry about if this is all you hear.

Interesting thanks. Everything is connected through a furhman (sp?) power bar. Not a conditioner just something to protect components in the event of a surge

Ok - you may want to try it without the surge protector block - these tend to be detrimental to the performance of a Naim system. From what you say, the hum is not intrusive so sounds like all is well. If it was loud then i’d be more concerned. Worth having a search on the forum as mechanical noise from Naim components containing transformers (eg amps, power supplies) is quite a common issue - some being more affected than others.

I’ll give that a try thanks.

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Hi, I don’t want to hijack this thread but it made me think of something. What is the current wisdom concerning power ReGenerators ? I was browsing a hifi website recently and noticed a PSAudio power regenerator. Has anyone tried one in a Naim system?

Hi Alan thanks for joining the conversation. This interests me too looking forward to seeing what people have to say.

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