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I have a MC stageline and am thinking of upgrading my phono stage. Initial thought is to try the Graham Slee stuff(Accession) as it gets such good reviews, but I am also wondering if stagelines need servicing from time to time ? also, would it benefit from being powered by a separate hi-cap or would that money be better used elsewhere ie the Accession.

Yes and Yes.

The stagelines are very low voltage/current devices so don’t need to be “recapped” like a power supply or power amp. Personally, I don’t think it’s necessary but some folks advocate doing this and maybe adding some “snake oil” caps in the process (Z-foil, cryo-treated, etc etc). I like the stagelines but if you’re going to spend that much money or servicing/tweaking, I’d just get a better quality phono stage.

Hi, Although I am a huge fan of the Stageline, in your case I would probably match the Rega MC on your Planar 3 with a Rega Fono MC.


The Planar 3 is rather out of its depth in your system and I’m unsure of the wisdom of an MC cartridge on it. I’d stick with the Stageline or get a Fono MC as Chris suggests, and redirect the funds towards a Planar 8. Down the line a Rega Aria phono stage would work really well.

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Not sure what cartridge in use, Rega have a wide range of coils, few run Apheta’s on a lowly P3 me guess.
If you already power stageline via AUX2 ? - I’d forget going further PSU route.

I’d question if your deck should considered for upgrade too, maybe its the latest edition P3 ?
All in all, a bit confused as what to recommend, new deck, new cartridge, new phonostage ?

Its all up in the air until precise information given.

@Alanm1 Any progress?!

Sadly, I agree with @HungryHalibut. The rest of your kit and very possibly your MC cartridge will show up that the RP3 is a great budget deck - but not a great deck in absolute terms.

Stagelines will work fractionally better with a Hicap power, but that is really not the issue here.

I’d suggest first a second-hand P8 (or equivalent rival). In time, the Stageline should probably be replaced by an Aria or a Dynavector P75 mk4 or something of that level. Then you’ll really hear how good the rest is with vinyl.

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