StageLine-S - compatible cartridge

Hi, it is my birthday next week and I was thinking of upgrading my cartridge. I currently have a Supex 900 Super - Gyro SE/Tecnoarm 2 - Stageline -S / Nait XS. I have had the Supex for many years and it still sounds great but would like to try something newer.

Michell seem to have launched their own cartridge range, while no one was looking, with a passing similarity to the Hana low output range, at least in the choice of styli and I’ve a suspicion slightly more than that. Still might be worth considering.
Otherwise Dynavectors are a well known match for the S. I used a 17D3 for a long time but that’s now been replaced in the range by the dx which seems to have avoided being reviewed since its its launch, the 3 was very fast and sweet but a little light. The XX2 a bit fuller but not as fast. I’d try a 17dx but mainly out of curiosity to see what the brass body and new magnet have done to an old favourite. The stylus on the 3 seemed to last forever.

I have been reading about the Cusis range and they look good. I like the Dynavector and I have never had one either - it is going to be a tough decision :). Also, I might be fitting it myself … Thanks for the suggestions …

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