Stageline S connection

Hi Forum. When not using my rega planar 3 I might have to put it away due to space limitaions. Is it possible to connect / disconnect to the Stageline S whilst powered up or would I have to power down Supernait 3 to disconnect?

Just switch to a different input and then unplug the phono leads. It will be fine.

Cheers for that

Perhaps, but I always power down equipment when connecting/disconnecting.

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There is no perhaps about it if all you are doing is disconnecting source inputs, as in this instance. It’s sensible to change sources just in case, and maybe mute if you are really concerned, but turning off is absolutely not required. It’s obviously different when connecting and disconnecting power supplies and power amps.


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If disconnecting the phono leads from the stageline there’s no need to power down. If disconnecting a Snaic there very much is.

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You do it your way, I’ll do it mine.


As we say here « you are never better served than by yourself« :grin:

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