Stageline S resistance

I’m in the process of scoping out phono stages for my Rega Ania (MC 100 ohm). I’ve got a line a decent priced stageline S but it looks like an impedance mismatch. Is it feasible/desirable to modify or should I just be looking at something else. Options in terms of stock availability are pretty limited here on NZ at the moment so it’s really down to either a Rega phono MC or the stageline. An Aria would be double the price of a stageline + the cost of an interconnect so it’s probably not an option.

Any thoughts on this dilemma much appreciated…

It should be fine just as it is. Try it and see.

I assumed it would probably be ok, just cant demo first, unfortunately. Cheers for the advice

I use a Stageline S with my P6 & Ania. It needed a hicap to really shine though so you may want to factor that into the equation. Previously I powered it from the aux socket of my nac202. It was pretty good but much better with the hi cap.

I recently had an extended home demo of a graham slee accession MC and that beat the stageline hands down.
Hard to give it back. I too have a hankering for a rega aria.

I was interested in one of these but ended up with a deal on an ex-demo Trichord Diablo and NCPSU that I couldn’t refuse.

How did you find it? Which power supply were you using? What else have you tried?
It’s a really competetive price point for phono stages.

That is the only demo I have managed as there is a loan system set up with the distributor. Over here in oz getting a home demo of anything is next to impossible. Just doesn’t seem to interest the dealers. Any Australian dealers listening who are willing to home demo feel free to call me a liar.
Wider presentation and much easier to hear the start and end of notes without being fatiguing. I wasn’t sure about timing out of the box but after a night warming up it was great the next morning.
I used the standard psu that comes with it but the dealer reckons the enigma psu upgrade adds a lot.

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I like graham Slee stuff generally, I have a headphone amp I brought out from the UK with me but you just never see it for sale here or its absolute moonbeams money (ironic coming from a Naim owner LOL). The difference in cost between Stageline and an Aria would get me into P8 (currently have a P6) so its hard to justify as a good use of $2000 bucks.

I’ll be running the Stageline via a NAC202 if a go ahead with it so my experience will be similar to yours I guess. The other main contender here would be the Dyna vector P75 which is usually stocked as they are made locally.

It’s a funny thing but I was completely happy with the stageline until I swapped my NDX for an NDX2. Previously the vinyl replay had been better than digital but once I got the ndx2 I couldn’t stomach the stageline until I put a hicap on it.

I’m sure there is a lesson there somewhere.

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When digital starts beating vinyl it’s time to upgrade the vinyl. It needs to be worth the trouble.

Indeed. With the stage line/hicap the digital was better. It was evens stevens with the accession, some things better on digital, some better on vinyl.

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