Stageline snaic!

Naim 72 / 140 pre power / uniti core / dac v1 / hicap / LP12 Ittok Attik + tuner now adding stageline requiring dedicated cable connect ( stageline > hicap ) … 4/4 pin or 4/5 pin snaic can someone advise which is correct Many ( thanks yes I have checked manual and other sources inc dealers without success )

For a Stageline powered by a Hicap you’ll need a SNAIC5 and a 4-5 Interconnect. The Stageline came with a SNAIC5 as standard, as did/does the HICAP.


Thank you ! can you walk me through or confirm 4/5 to hicap and 5/5 to !!!
I have a snaic 4/4 would this be able to link stageline to hicap Im old and all these snaics confuse me Ta diagram would help regards RK

SNAIC5 to connect the Stageline to the HICAP (provides power to and signal from the Stageline). Then a 4-5 Interconnect to take signal from the HICAP into the pre-amp.

The SNAIC4 is used here between NAC72 and NAP140, providing power to the pre-amp and taking signal from the pre-amp back to the power amp.


As you have a 72, the Stageline really won’t be any better than the internal boards.

To power it, you need to use the Hicap on the Stageline rather than the 72, or buy another Hicap. It’s an awful lot of money and complication to gain virtually nothing

If you remove the Hicap from the 72, all your sources will sound worse.


*Top man ! good advice Thank you

Many Thanks regards RK

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