Stageline/SuperNait's AUX2 socket


supposing I am using a Stageline wired into a SuperNait’s AUX2 socket, and I add a *cap to the SN; will the Stageline benefit from the external PSU or will it be still powered by the internal transformer? Does a *cap takes over the internal PSU for the Stageline too?


I would very much expect the power comes from the preamp rather than direct from the power amp. In other words, yes it would be powered indirectly from the hicap.

You don’t get dedicated power rails for the AUX2 here - unlike with the NAC52, 252 and 552, but the AUX2 is part of the pre-amp so you do still get benefit from the improved dedicated PS on the Supernait’s pre-amp section.


Don’t forget the NC range also offers dedicated feeds from the PSU to the powered DIN sockets :slight_smile:

With apologies to the OP for drifting well away from Supernait relevance :slight_smile: I do think it’s a nice feature of the NC range, even if the cost of access is NSC222+NVC+NPX

If improveonf the sound of the Stageline is the primary concern then just running it off the hicap is probably a better choice - the hicap takes over preamp duties on the SN if I understand it correctly but the HC will also power all the other elements including the Aux2… if you running other sources then adding the hicap to the SN will improve them all across the board.

In all cases it’s pretty expensive way to make a Stageline sound ok and poor VFM v a standalone phono stage.

thanks. I don’t have a Stageline yet, but have a SN1 since a couple of hours. It’s my fourth one, BTW.
I am not expecting dedicated power rails for AUX2/Stageline duties, but just the benefits from ax external PSU. You confirm that AUX2, being part pf the preamp section, will benefit from a *cap.

Thanks, but the New Classics are definitely out of my budget.

Thanks. Improving the sound of the Stageline - the moment I’ll have one, it is my choice exactly for the conveniency of its power/signal connection with the SN - is not a primary concern. Furthermore, I am probably going to use my TEAC VRDS-9 as drive only into the SN’s DAC, so a HiCap - whichever the connection of a Stageline - would just take charge of the phono stage.


Many thanks for all replies.

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I have a SN1 with Superline connected to AUX2.

I recently borrowed a Supercap and powered the SN1 from that and there was a massive uplift in sound quality from the Superline when it was connected to the AUX2 of the Supercap powered SN1


That’s interesting, thanks. My only experience of a SuperCap is powering a 282, years ago. It was definitely better than a HiCap.
I have no experience of a Superline though; it seems a little overkill for my vinyl needs.


Max, if your running MM/MI cartridge you might consider a Lejonklou stage, they are really very good.
I’ve always enjoyed older Naim stages but these are real contenders if you can’t find s/h Stagelines (not sure if they are discontinued by now ?)

Hi Per,

thanks, I don’t know the brand but will look for it.
I am now running MM, and don’t think I will reach MC zone.


If you are still running a Rega Carbon on the Thorens, Max, this should be a great match with a Stageline N. My understanding is that the Carbon is made by Audio Technica, and ATs are well-proven with Naim stages.


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the cartridge on my Thorens is unbranded but looks exactly like a rega Carbon or, for that, lake an AT 3600.
I think it’s an AT.
I like the idea of the Stageline because of the extreme conveniency of the connection, and the obvious good match with a SN…

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You can get replacement stylus for those AT’s with some serious shapes such as ML, Shibata or Paratrace amo.

The trouble with those improved styli on the AT3600 I found is that you tend to lose something of the overall groove and fun of the original. Maybe they just expose the limitations of the rest of the cart, whereas with the spherical tip it’s not very detailed but it just works really well in a suitably sympathetic system. Best to stick with “cheap thrills” here and then move on to a better cartridge if you feel the need for more detail and finesse.

I had a Carbon on my rega P2 (an excellent arm for the price, but not the last word in pitch stability to my ears), and a friend suggested a move to a Goldring E3. I did, and found a detailed, open sound not very far from a decent MC’s.
But a little sterile. The Carbon was jollier and more fun.

Fact is, I have no idea of how old my Thorens’s cart is, and do not have a proper microscope. My idea was to replace it anyway, since the AT I suppose it is is in the peanuts price zone.

I am not after the best possible vinyl reproduction but a cart/phono stage pairing that will allow me to enjoy my LPs (some of which are 60 years old) without falling pray to a constant urge to upgrade. LPs are just fun for me, memories without too much melancholy.

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That said, the memory of my several auditions of my friend dealer’s Solstice/Statement system is still very strong…

Stageline definetely benefits from Hc connected to preamp. Have It now into 202, previously with Nait XS, also tried It with 552.
However i always found Stageline pretty lame compared with internal phono cards into CB or Olive series. Somehing like 20 years ago, Rega P3 into Nait 3+ Hc was really brilliant. Were older amps better suite for analogie and Black series Better for Digital ? May be my Rega Exact a little tired now?

That’s a odd observation, considering they are basically the same.

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