Stageline vs SN3 internal stage

Has anyone directly compared the two? Looking ahead my next move will likely be a Supernait from my Nait XS. I already have a stageline and to be honest it would be a minor inconvenience to lose it as it provides better spacing from my turntable to the amp (my kit lies side by side). Just weighing up SN2 vs SN3

Hello, I have a XS3 and a Stageline. I fairly regularly switch between the inbuilt stage and the Stageline. I cannot put my finger on which I prefer.

The SN3 (and XS3 vs XS2) has improvements to the power amp stage as well, which might be a different reason to prefer it over the SN2.

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I assume from your post you use a MM cartridge and so an “N” Stageline?

The SN3 is the equivalent of the Stageline “N” and so moving Magnet only.

I have been told that the SN3 phono stage uses a very similar design to the Stageline and the previous phono cards. This would make some sense but I do not know for sure if that is the case.

I don’t think there will be much to gain if anything choosing an SN3 because of the phono stage if you already have a Stageline. I can’t offer any help in terms of an SN2 Vs Sn3 as an amp because I have not heard an SN2. I have listed to an SN3 and it is very good indeed but should be at the price.


That’s an interesting question @cayorob I have a Stageline N powered by a Flatcap XS into a Nait XS2 which I would eventually like to upgrade to a SN3 so my question would be similar would keeping the Stageline and Flatcap combination be better in sound quality terms than just plugging my LP12 straight into the onboard phono stage of the SN3 ?
Any observations would be great fully received


As the naim logic goes with keeping noise away from components hence the separate power supplies etc, I would say the stageline/flatcapxs combo would be much better imo.

With a Rega turntable and possibly cartridge, a Fono or Aria may make even more sense.


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