Stageline with Nac 252

Just bought a Rega P3 to get back into the vinyl revolution. I upgraded to-a Rega Anya cartridge this going into a Stageline powered by the aux power output from my Nac 252 powered by a SC. The sound l can honestly say is flat lacking any top end and lifeless, almost want to box it up and send it back, anyone got any thoughts l keep being told what a great sounding turntable this is

It is a great TT but I rather suspect this is cartridge loading issue.


It went back to audio t where it sounder considerably better on a different set up than my Naim system

Which phonostage did Audio-T use?

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I would go for an old used Linn LP12 and Naim Prefix/HC or ultimately a SC.
The Stageline sounding rather soft especially into 252 Aux 2.
A Rega has never reached the level of an LP12.


Regas own with a Rega amp, some have suggested adding a flat cap will give it lift it deserves

Which Stageline model?

Yes you really need a separate power supply,the Nac 252 aux2 lacks dynamic and the other sources will sound worse if you have your Stageline connected.

I recommend asking the dealer if you can borrow Rega’s own phono amp. I’ve never been fond of the Stageline.

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252 Aux2 lacks dynamics?
Ermmm…my ears beg to differ.

With a Superline. My Stageline is long gone.
Had the SL on a Supercap2 originally but that is on temporary leave: Aux2 stepped up pretty well!


My understanding is that the Stageline N requires some careful matching with a MM cartridge. It is far more compatible than it’s high capacitance loading suggests but often needs a known “works well with Stageline” cart.

Whereas a Stageline S gives more consistent results with different MC carts.

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Aha,I had the problem with lack of dynamics on aux2 both with my 252 and 552.

Not my experience with a superline on a 282 and 552 or a stageline N on the 552 (but that was with a Decca cartridge). I skipped the 252 and never had an MC stageline.
I have found adjusting VTA and VTF can hit a sweet spot for dynamics, more so with fine line styli, but VTA is unadjustable with a Rega arm and you’d expect a Rega cartridge to be at home in one, that just leaves VTF to play with and it is worth varying a bit to hear what it does. After that there are the Rega phonstages. The Aria is probably the one to try.

As others say (and surely your dealer knows) you need a Stageline S with the Ania. Is this what you have?

The Rega RP3 comes with an Elys2 (MM) cartridge right? We’re using that cartridge into a Stageline N on 252 Aux2 with no issues. There could be a little more top end sparkle but as we know the input capacitance of the N is high.

If the OP went from Elys2 (MM) into Stageline N to Ania (MC) then isn’t this simply the case that the N is now the wrong phono stage, since a high output MC is required?

Surely a dealer would point out the mismatched setup?

If your instinct is to quit vinyl, go with it. It is awesome if you are a patient hobbyist.
For rational people accountable to deliver a family solution everyone can use it is too much faff.

Advice from a vinyl-lover with family who do not share my interest. They give me records on my birthday. Supportive of my hobby, but personally uninterested, to be sure. I try not to test their patience too much. :wink:

Best of luck,


I do not agree either. I suppose you are suggesting next as a minimum Supercap to really get the best, a Hicap does not quite get you there.

I think others are on the right track with other phonostages which will also allow not using the powered aux2

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I’m sure this is a matching issue. Which Stageline do you have? This is critical.

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It’s the s which is correct for the Ania MC cartridge

No l want to get back in to vinyl but lm wanting to sound great