Stageline with NAC252. DO i need power supply?

Want to try stageline N with my goldring 1012 and 1042. Can I just connect it to 252 without any additional power supply?
I know that it is better with hicap or flatcap but can I do it without them?
Thanks in advance!

Yes, you just need a SNAIC5 and connect via the powered AUX2 socket on the NAC252.

Anyone ever used such connection? Is it any good? I remember using 180+82 - was pretty good.

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The 252’s AUX2 Powered socket is very good. It uses dedicated supplies from the Supercap. It’s likely preferable to a dedicated flatcap and an alternative to a Hicap.

The Snaic5 is the black cable that came with your Stageline N.

I have a 52 running from a supercap and ran internal boards for years, i then upgraded my TT and phono stage with a superline. I ran the superline for a few months powered from the aux 2 rather than the spare high cap i had as it sounded better like this, i guess you will find the same and for the stageline i would leave it like this.
I didnt notice any difference to the sound on other inputs doing this and is a good and free way to power it, plus it sounds great and is one less box.
I finally got another supercap to power my superline but thats altogether different

So were you satisfied with superline powered from aux2?

It was better than running it from a hicap, but the superline really needs its own supercap to really shine and was always going to go that way.
But the stageline is more like the internal boards but in its own box and as i said before it will probably sound its best run from aux 2

I was happy for years connecting my Stageline this way.

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