Stageline + XS2 Question

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I’m soon to be the owner of a Naim XS2 (2018 40th Anniversary version) and I’m looking to buy a Stageline for my Rega P3/Exact 2. From what I can see, the Stageline comes with a “standard interconnect”. The specifications for the Naim standard interconnect indicate that it does not carry power. Assuming that I’ve got this correct, my question is; what cable should I look to buy for the XS2/Stageline?

I’m very excited to finally be on this slippery slope.



Hi, the Stageline is supplied with a 5 pin Snaic which does carry both power and signal. Note that the pin layout is different to a standard interconnect, it uses a 240° DIN plug instead of 180° to ensure that the two different leads cannot be connected to the wrong sockets.

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As an aside, what is a 40th anniversary edition of the XS2?

No need, Adikt. The Snaic 5 supplied with the Stageline goes into the AUX2 of Nait XS2.


Sorry, after some more research it’s not truly an anniversary edition, it was just released then (2013). This particular Nait was built in 2018.


Thank you for the response.

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