Hi people , I’m thinking of adding a stageline N to my setup. I’m not really sure which is the best way to connect it. I have a sn2 + non-Naim PSU, cd 5 + flatcap 2 . Would it be better to use the flatcap 2 power supply or just connect straight to the sn2 ? Your knowledge and help would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks

I’ve just noticed on the non Naim PSU there is a spare 4pin din if this helps , would it be possible to connect the PSU out on the stageline to this ?

Discussion of non-Naim PSUs is forbidden here.

If it’s a DIN4 then likely signal in/out only.

I don’t see why it’s forbidden in a mainly Naim system ??? , We all use other cables PSU cd players DACs so on and so forth so why not be able to talk about it and call it a non Naim PSU . What is the problem ?

It’s covered/explained in the Forum Rules:

“We do not permit discussion of modifications to internal components of Naim equipment and this also extends, at the Moderators’ discretion, to products from other manufacturers and electronic DIY discussion. This also applies to discussion of companies who undertake unauthorised modifications to Naim equipment.

Modification extends to the use of 3rd party or home-made power supplies and any cabling that carries DC power between Naim equipment.”

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Re see main question which was altered by moderator before posting .
As I am now aware no it can’t be connected by non Naim PSU .
So the first question asks , how would I connect the Naim stageline to sn2 or flatcap 2 .

What about replacing the sn2 with a sn3? The sn3 has a mm phono stage whilst the sn2 has not. A box less, less cables, newer and better amp at a reasonable price.

That is not what I asked , if I was going to replace the sn2 which was purchased new last year and one of the last, I would not have posted a question? Sorry that does not help and I don’t think it is better just modified .

It’s a forum / community, not a place for exam questions.

It is a forum and I’ve asked a question that no one has actually answered .

Connect via the powered AUX2 socket on the Supernait 2.

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Thankyou Richard :+1:t3:

Stageline connected to my Nac52 is preferable to hicap powering it. I assume the SN would be better than flatcap when powering your stageline.

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Thankyou , yeah I’ve read so many varying opinions on which is the best way to power/connect the stageline . Everybody has there own definition as to what sounds better .
I have been trying to ask the the collective so to speak to get a general idea as to which is best, had some very interesting answers along the way .

Another vote for AUX power for phono stages, from whichever preamp, however powered (though I only refer to Naim power supplies as I’ve never used any other) with one exception but that involves the superline so no need to worry about that.

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