I’m currently running a project s2 tube box for my project x2 with 2m blue cartridge but thinking of adding a stageline,is it worth the change

Hi, do you have anything to power it? Otherwise that’s an additional purchase.
Eg can be powered by the dedicated socket on xs or supernait, or run it off a hicap.


As @robert_h said above, the Stageline needs to be powered.
Is it ‘worth’ the change…? I very much doubt that anyone will be able to answer that for you, in a meaningful way. I could say - Yes - its Naim, of course its better.

A discussion with a good dealer is probably the best way forward. Take your Project box along and get a dem vs. a Stageline.

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IIRC, Carlh26 has a nice new NAC-152XS + HICAP to power the Stageline via AUX2.


You have a good memory:

“ Well I’ve connected my new 152 xs amp up to a hicap and I’m blown away the sound is phenomenal ,didn’t think the sound would be much different from my nac 112 just shows what I know”

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Consider carefully before getting a Stageline N. Its pretty much incompatible with any modern MM cartridge - the input capacitance is WAY too high! If you can find a cartridge with an optimum loading of over 500pF, great; but every available MM cartridge I’m aware of (including the 2M Blue) requires a loading of ~200pF (including the tonearm cable), and that’s a big difference.

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You speak from experience? It suits a Decca very well, though it shouldn’t on paper, but that’s hardly modern and I’ve not tried any other MMs.

Yes, I’ve tried a Shure M97xE and an AT VM760. Both sound incredibly dull with the the Stageline N. Check out the review of the Shure on TNT audio for a more detailed explanation of what’s going on.

I believe the Decca is a totally different beast and may not be as sensitive to input capacitance as regular moving magnets.

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