So the Naim numptys back with probably another stupid question but please bare with me. Just bought a stagline and want to connect it to my Nait5, CD5, flatcap2x and NAP 150. Can I use the aux 2 on the Nait to power it or will the power have to come from the flatcap?

You can use the AUX2 input, yes. However, you may find a reasonable performance improvement powering from one of the supplies in the Flatcap (note though, you’ll need a 4-5 interconnect as well for this). Of course, it may be that you’re already using the second supply on the analogue output stage of the CD5, in which case AUX2 it is until a second Flatcap joins the system. Having said that, next step NAC122x, or maybe a NAC152xs or even NAC202?

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Thanks Richard for the reply. The 122x is next on the list when finances allow.

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