Staking power supplies 500 series

So i have the most pedantic and simple options of staking the power supplies on a column without anything in between.
The space i got i just right and off by prolly 1 cm to top for being able to put anything in between the power supplies.
Also is it a good/decent idea to stack the amp and the pre-amp together in the same manner without anything in between? Or a shelf/pair of rubber feet does such much of a difference?
There is about 15 cm distance between the power supplies and the amp/prea-amp made of double laminate shelf, so this should be fine for separation, just concerned about raw staking.
The other option would be to create some shelving between but then space is going to be an issue and the overall aspect is going to suck!

You shouldn’t stack preamp and poweramp on top of each other. The sensitive signal stages of the preamp will be affected by the power amp transformers. This is why Naim recommend a Fraim or suitable hifi shelving system.

Only thing i can do is glass shelves in between and re-arrange them.
How about 552 pre amp and the ND 555 staked? does that work?

You’ve got a top system and really need proper separation between your components. Having them stacked is a really bad move. A glass shelf between each box is not good enough. Get it on a proper hifi shelving unit at the very least.

It’s 100% your choice but by stacking you could even damage your system.

Can you not move them to another area and put them on a proper rack?

Maybe send some pics so we can make some suggestions.

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No i can’t.
The room was already build, furniture included, and i m really tired of changing and decorating stuff around the house, its been going for months now.
Putting them on separate rack is not a good idea layout wise, since i will always have to pull my chair to listen to music rather than just chill on the sofa and hit the play button .
Where they are placed atm i think i can remove the two drawers below and create room for 2x more units so in total i could pull a 3 - 3 stacks with proper laminate and feet between them.
I got about 27 cm height with 100 cm length to work with and the drawers below are 25 cm height, so plenty space to put the nap 500 and dr under side by side.
Will upload some photos prolly next day since its a mess right now in there and pretty late.

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Current position where is the more comfortable to listen at

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I would get rid of drawers and rack it out with shelves to match the white units. Use MDF shelves and try to create some space between the black boxes.

If you are happy with it. Leave as it is. I wouldn’t recommend that but it’s up to you.

A bit of space between the boxes will give you a better sound for sure. Or, if you can’t make up the shelves yourself get a handyman or carpenter to make something up. I don’t think you can fit a hifi rack in there. It’s tight.

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I apologise in advance for being forthright but if you’ve got a full 500 system it would be ridiculous to compromise it by not having a proper rack to isolate each of the components. Sorry!


I did try to say that @LindsayM. He’s not listening!

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Can you lose the centre speaker? Place the preamp on top at least? Dan and LindsayM are quite correct if you want to get close to best performance.

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This thread is like watching someone install a limiter on their M. ugh.

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If you could lose the bottom drawers and then drop the 500 psu to the bottom left and the 500 to the bottom right perhaps. Drop the 552 on to the shelf and move the 552 PSU to the right?


Get rid of bottom drawers. Get carpenter or build yourself shelves from MDF and paint white. 18mm. Double uprights in MDF. Glass shelves on Naim cups and balls. Will work alot better than what you have. Leave gaps at the back for cable installation.

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This, but I would just get component specific HRS, SRA, Isoacoustics bases for all the equipment.

Yes. But is there enough space?

It needs to be bespoke to fit the unit by looks of things.

That photo is making me cringe. The book case(or whatever that is) is a pretty minor cost compared to the cost of the 500 system you have. I’d remove it from the home and get a proper rack. Done.

A 500 series just won’t perform as it should setup like that. If that’s how you’re going to treat it you’re going to find it disappointing and will probably blame Naim.