Stand/mount for MuSo Qb 2

So, I’ve got a Qb2 in the kitchen. Sounds great for what it is, but is sited in a corner firing into the room while on the lower shelf of a side table. Not perfect, but okay,

The problem is, sometimes me and Mrs W sit and listen, and from our position the sound is behind us, so some dynamics get lost. I’ve taken the Qb and repositioned it temporarily, but it sits on the floor and that’s not ideal. I’m wondering if there is a best choice of stand that it could sit on. I only want it to be at most 30cm from the floor, so a standard height speaker stand wouldn’t do.

Any thoughts?

A short oak block may work - sorry, I don’t have a pic of our QB2 on top, but happy to post one if the idea takes your fancy. Pretty rustic.


I spoke with my dealer and he had some unwanted fraimlite, so i bought for a modest sum the base unit to put a Muso on.

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Maybe something like this. Acazia style triple table. The smallest one is close to your demand.

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Thanks folks. All appreciated!


If you search naim Mu-So stands on eBay there are stands for Mu-So.


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I like that idea. After 2 years with my QB Mark1, I kept wondering why the bass output was not considered huge. My QB is sitting on the TV cabinet sounding pretty bass heavy, and I was always blaming the cornered situation for this until I found out the whole upper 1.5m surface of the TV cabinet is not solid wood but hollow. That’s a nice resonance box for you. Going to try the massive wood block, probably with a few rubber pads to isolate it from the surface. Not too big though, need to keep the missus happy too.

Thanks wenger. Unfortunately the stands on eBay are only for the Muso, not the Qb, so I went with the block of wood option!


This may help your search, ebay advert.


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Those are the ones I have seen recently - thought they looked quite good.

Thanks Peter, I’ve contacted the seller to see if they do custom heights for the stand.

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