Stand Mounted Speakers

Hi, I’m planning to upgrade my speakers. My present system comprises a NAC52 and a NAP 300DR, my existing speakers are Wilson Benesch ARCs. The room is approx. 20m2 and the speakers are to be stand mounted with the rear wall approximately 30cm (but no greater than) behind the speakers. My proposed list, in no particular order is:

KEF Ref 1

Sonus Faber Nova 1 (or Guarneri)

Wilson Benesch Discovery 2

B&W 805 D3

Wilson TuneTot

Your views, comments and any additions would be both helpful and appreciated.


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Morning @RBH I would also add in to your demo list Kudos Titans 505 - mine arrive later this month - for me they are the new bench mark on stand mount’s my current B&W 805N have served me really well

I too have 300DR but with 252

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What about the Dynaudio Heritage? Getting great reviews.

That’s a motley collection, ranging from £5,000 to over £15,000. Is there a budget in mind? I’m also wondering what your sources might be.

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Hi source is mainly streaming but with vinyl as well. Magnepan LRSs have been suggested as well but I don’t think the wife will let me place them far enough into the room and the cat would love to climb up them!

I was really asking what the actual sources are, as rather than £15,000 speakers you may be better with £5,000 speakers and spending £10,000 on the sources. Without this information it’s impossible to give a sensible answer.


Hi I intend to keep the same source at the moment NAP 300DR and NAC52

Yes, but what is your streaming source?


Ok, complicated a Small Green Computer with SSSD and Tidal, into an optical network player to a SPDIF into a Naim DAC


unfortunately no British passive speakers ,let alone Italian makes to make a significant sound upgrade.
Wilson of course are.
Also, maximize your nDAC (if you haven’t already ) well before , adding a 555ps unit would be ideal.

Hi the nDAC is powered by an XPS 2, I have to say it didn’t make much of s difference

then stop trashing your money.
Either find the bottleneck and solve it or
stop thinking about hifi and just enjoy music

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Antono1, I think we are all, on this forum, searching for audio nirvana and equipment is part of the journey. but your right its all too easy to think more about the equipment than the music, and Im to an extent guilty of that!

Very wise words…
But I agree until you are comfortable and happy with your replay system it can be frustrating … but once you are there it’s bliss… until curiosity gets the better of you to re fashion it… at least you know what to go back to if you break the magic.

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I’ve had KEF Ref 1’s for just over 3 years on the end of 252/SCDR/250DR. Terrific speakers - according to my ears at least. I have Gaia III isolation feet rather than spikes. Speaker cable is Chord Epic Signature (now X I believe).

I did not audition any other speakers. I had PMC Gb1i’s before but wanted a true 3 way design without an increase in size and the Ref 1’s were one of the few that met that requirement. I’d be lying if I said that I was not keen on the high tech look as well.

You should audition them

I have the Sonus Faber Olympica 1. I love them; for me, they sound very natural and just disappear; everything is presented free of the speaker and in its own space. They will suit near wall placement provided they are not tucked in corners. They do a decent near full range sound in a smaller room and can work in larger rooms too (I’ve heard them in several environments). I am in the fortunate position to be able to look at an upgrade in my system at the moment too, and it was suggested to me that speakers generally give the biggest upgrade, so I should have a look around to see if I could better my SF’s. I listened to quite a few up to and including some over £10k but in short, different flavours and presentations, but my Olympica 1’s are staying. My money is being spent elsewhere! Speakers are a very personal thing though, whether they would work for you is another thing!

The Olympica Nova are a little different to mine and I still prefer the original Olympica but try the Novas and see what you think. The Guarneri’s (Tradition) have a different presentation, a very large soundstage from memory and they have a huge sound for their size. I get the impression they may need more space behind them than the Nova’s.

One speaker which I would certainly add to your list to try to hear (if you can find a pair), are the Franco Serblin Accordo. They look great and sound quite special, IMHO of course. Would work great with your gear.

Happy hunting.

Jason thank you the Franco Serblin Accordo look both beautiful and very interesting, thank you

In a similar situation and I am currently seriously considering the Audiovector R1 Arrette. Anyone have any experience of these?

Dynaudio Contour 20, Heritage, and Confidence 20 all deserve to be on the list.

as does Proac D2R and Proac K1.