Standby hissing noise from tweeters - Nova + Monitor audio

Hi all,
I thought I start a new/old topic hoping for ideas
I recently bought Uniti Nova to join exiting Monitor Audio Silver 200
There is a very quiet hissing sound from tweeters when pause pressed which is fine. There is no sound coming when headphones are on.
What worries me - after initiating standby mode from the app, hissing sound completely disappears for 30 seconds but than reappears again.
Seems like the unit switches into half awake half asleep mode, not sure this is right

Hi, welcome to the Nova club!

I’ve owned mine for a month and love it!

With respect to the speaker hiss, the Nova has several standby modes:

  • server mode, this can be activated/ deactivated in ‘other settings’ from the Naim app. This mode is activated by default and will keep the main toroidal transformer active and the output stage active hence the hiss from your speakers - this is normal for the Nova and don’t worry, it won’t damage your speakers. Some may disagree with me however, in think the sound quality is best this way as the electronics are warm and ready to go!

  • regular standby (server mode deactivated) when switching off the Nova you will hear a relay click and after 20 seconds a slight pop from the speakers as the output stage is deactivated. You shouldn’t hear anything after this.

An exception to note:

  • even if server mode is deactivated, if a usb stick or drive is plugged in, the Nova will default to server mode i.e. you will continue to hear the hiss.

Thank you!
There was no usb device connected and server mode was deactivated (but you right, it was activated during initial setup when the unit was switched on first time)
Decided to do a factory reset which rectified the problem - standby hissing noise disappeared, hurrah!

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After lots of head scratching I found another reason for Nova defaulting to server mode - HDMI ARC connected to TV (later is in standby mode)
There are 3 settings for Nova HDMI auto switching:
1 On any input - quite handy - Nova switches itself on and off with TV and HDMI input turns by default when TV is on. But… Nova stays in server mode even when both unit & TV are turned off with hissing sound via speakers

2 On HDMI input

As above, but if music was streamed last on Nova it switches to regular standby, but not if last thing was watching TV than Nova switches to server mode

3 Auto switching off

Unit always in regular standby mode when standby activated but I have to turn TV and unit separately (and select HDMI if TV wasn’t the last source of sound)
Something is not right :thinking:

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