Standby on superuniti

Hello everyone
I just upgraded a superuniti that I bought used. the screen was unreadable and it was replaced in the code of practice at naim. it’s so much better with a working screen.
now I ask myself the question of the management of the standby. I can’t find any.
You have to turn the device off and on again each time you listen to it, knowing that it takes a long time to heat up to be at the best of its ability. or leave it permanently on? the mystery remains.

hello everyone
i just upgraded a superuniti that i bought used. the screen was unreadable and this one was replaced by naim. it is so much better with a working screen.
Now I’m wondering how to manage the sleep mode. I can’t find one.
Should I turn the device off and on again each time I listen to it, knowing that it takes a long time to warm up to be at its best? or should I leave it on all the time? the mystery remains.

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It should be left on. I do not believe that there is any stand by function available for SuperUniti.

Link to the manual for further reference

I would recommend though that you set the screen to off (it will appear when you want to change something), that way it will last much longer.

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Turn it off by nights or if out.

Unfortunately Naim have placed on/off buttons on the rear of some of their boxes.
In these climate change times I’d think twice before leaving all kit on 24/7.
Admittedly I did just that in the 90’s/00’s

I guess next generation of Naim boxes, many will have clever stand-by options.

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It’s already here on more recent Naim boxes.

oh I didn’t know that

dommage de remplacer un superuniti par un unitinova juste pour un problème de veille , surtout que l’amplification est la même. le superuniti reste une valeur sûre tout de même.

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too bad to replace a superuniti with a unitinova just for a standby problem, especially since the amplification is the same. the superuniti remains a safe bet all the same.

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I always turned my SuperUniti off if I knew that I wasn’t going to use it again that day. It always sounded great in use.

@Blythe I would be grateful if you could do the honours with a reliable translation. :0)

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Google translate is my friend :grinning:

Mute acts as ‘standby’.

One activates MUTE by touching the NAIM logo on the SuperUniti.

DO NOT use the power switch at the rear on daily basis. It’s not designed for that.

I’ve never used mute but have always turned the volume all the way down/closed. Is there a difference?

Yes - there is.
MUTE also stops the streaming / network traffic.


Thanks, I usually hit stop when I’m finished listening and turn it down.

Are you sure? I no longer have a 1st gen. Naim streamer but from memory they are the same as the current models in that mute just cuts the sound output without stopping the stream.

When mute my SU, it remain a warm cabinet meaning the DAC must be active.

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