Standmount speakers for Uniti 2

I’ve got a Uniti 2 on the way to me that I’m very excited about. My slight concern is regarding speakers. I currently use Rogers Ls3 5a’s but have read that they don’t generally pair well with Naim. Could anyone please help me out with recommendations for standmount speakers up to 1500 GBP? The room is only small (about 11x10 feet).

I had a unity 2 with PMC 20.21 worked well with it, you should be able to get a 2nd hand at a good price

I’d set aside what you’ve read for now and see how it works when you get the Uniti. For what it’s worth, I have ProAc Tablette 10 Signature and couldn’t be happier with them. They cost £1,500 and are the same size as the standard LS3/5A, so should fit on your existing stands. They are best placed very near the wall, which is a real boon in a small room.

Yes, I’d try your existing speakers first. I have 35 year old A&R 22 BXs with my Uniti 2 and it matches perfectly well.

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Rogers LS35A is a classic speaker, I’d be surprised if they dident sound well but as you know they have a particular ‘BBC’ sound signature. Definitely wait and use them for a good few weeks before deciding.

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If you want something of the same exact size (to your LS3/5A’s), but different, Linn Kans are the answer… :open_mouth:

I run new Rega Kyte with Unitiqute in office, splendid combination in smaller rooms, very fast and involving, works close to rear wall.

An answer, but possibly not the answer.

Well, I needn’t have worried, the Uniti 2 drives the Rogers extremely well. The sound is beautiful and open but also powerful and with strong bass. Compared to the PrimaLuna valve power amp that I was using a bit of the warmth (bloat?) has gone.


That great the uniti 2 is very good I certainly enjoyed mine

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