Stands for Proac 1sc / Coupling / Decoupling

I recently posted re my Proac 1sc’s which were sitting on 15" deep x 25" high bookshelves. I’ve moved the bookshelves and have the speakers sitting on top of a 19" high pair vintage speakers approximately 30" from the wall.

I’m going to order 24" stands; either Target HR (two post) or MR (four post) stands. The difference in weight per stand is approximately half: 20 lb. vs 40lb.

I live in a condo with laminate covered concrete floors. I am concerned about transmitting sound to the condo below me and wondering if I should be concerned, and if so, what is the best means of mitigating that potential problem.

Also, I know the top plates of the stands can accommodate spikes (I don’t really want to mar the cabinets with spikes but would consider that option).

So, I’m wondering what the overall best approach/configuration would be for placement of the Proacs on stands: 1) for best sound and 2) elimination of transmission of vibrations to the condo below me.

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