Star and BBC Sound app

Hi, I’m a bit clueless about such things, so any advice would be gratefully received.
Is there a way that I could use the Star to play the BBC sound app directly? The BBC have started providing themed DJ tracks on their Sound app and like to listen to them via the Star to get the best SQ.
Best wishes Amer

Hi, you can use AirPlay or Chromecast to play from the Sounds app to the Star. As far as I’m aware the BBC do not allow Sounds to be fully integrated into any hardware, presumably because they will not release the API.

If your Star is connected to your TV you should be able to access BBC Sounds from their TV app . That’s how I do it on an LG OLED , it works and sounds great for me .

Thanks Chris and Pete. It was as easy as you said Chris - got the BBC Sounds app on my phone and it found the Star and connected. What I realised before though was that I hadn’t connected the Star to mesh nextwork in our house. As I had been listening to internet radio via the Naim app, I had assumed it was connected.
Best wishes Amer

So you must have been connected to something to get iRadio. Have you got WiFi running on your router as well as the mesh WiFi, perhaps with two different DHCP servers?

Yes I do have wifi on my router, it connects with my printer, but when I set up the Star I didn’t have to connect it to anything as I did with my old Uniti1 - I can only assume it was connected by the Naim app. because I did set up FM and DAB stations using that. But really I don’t have clue!
Best wishes Amer

Your streamer must have a connection to the router, either directly or via the mesh. The data doesn’t go via the app, that’s just working as a remote control.
Thus my speculation that you have two wireless networks running. Ideally you should disable WiFi on the router and use the mesh only.

Thanks Chris, I’ll do that. Best wishes Amer

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