Star and Kef R3 Meta’s

I currently use my Star with Monitor Audio Silver 300s. I love these speakers but I live in a condo where my system is in an 8’ 6” wide x 11’ deep living room and the speakers just seem too big for the living room’s britches. I’ve always been impressed by the detail of the Kef LS50 Meta’s but want 3-way speakers so I’ve been very curious about the R3 Meta’s. I know the footprint would be the same if I changed to R3 Met’s on stands so that’s not the issue.

The issue is I love how the Naim sounds though I find listening to 80s albums a bit on the bright side and I miss the body and warmth that I had with my old Roksan K3 integrated amp. I’m Ok with the sound, but I don’t love it. Any other genre is great on my Star, but I do listen to loads of 80s music.

Would replacing the Silver 300’s with R3 Meta’s make my 80s records sound even more analytical? I understand the R3’s are on the analytical side more so than warm so I think I know my answer but would appreciate anyone’s actual experience pairing the Star with R3 Meta’s.

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