Star CD recording and Astel&Kern

Hi, just wanted to check if anyone knows whether or not CD recordings on a memory card made on a Star can then be played back on my Astel&Kern Kann, just by plugging in that memory card in the Kann.
Best wishes Amer

I don’t have an A&K player, but there’s no reason why this would not work. You should save the rips as FLAC, not WAV, or you will probably find that it cannot read the metadata.

The Kann will play back WAV as well as FLAC files without any problem.

Can it read the Naim proprietary WAV metadata tagging? I thought that was pretty much limited to Naim players.

No problem with my Kann! I’ve successfully used both SD cards (micro and standard) and over the network via AK Connect, and the little beauty sees everything!

Cool. I know devices successfully play WAV files with ID3 metadata, but that’s the first device outside Naim I’ve heard of that successfully reads the metadata from Naim-ripped files.

Great thanks timmo and the others who respond. I have been using my iMac in the past, but the files that transfer across to the Kann via the file transfer process resulted in my iTunes CD playlists having all the songs randomly reorganised on the Kann.
Best wishes Amer

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