Star driving Maggie’s: subwoofer?

Just hooked up my new Magnepan 1.7 to my Star and need a little bit more grunt. Anybody got a rig like this and found a suitable sub?

You need more power, a sub won’t help. Maggie’s are very power hungry. They are a difficult 4 ohm load.

How much more? 100 200.500?

The top choice for Maggie’s is the Saunders Sound Systems , Magtech power amp. 500wpc into 8ohms 900wpc into 4ohms list price in the US is $5500. It’s designed for Electrostatics and Ribbons

I don’t listen at loud volumes, but I have driven my Maggies with a Linn Klimax Twin ratted at 200 W per channel into 4 Ω and I now use a Chord Etude rated at 150 W RMS per channel @ 0.05% distortion into 4Ω. I previously owned a NAP200 which I also felt drove them well. My Maggies are excellent in the midrange, but cannot match the Spendors I also use in the frequency extremes. It doesn’t bother me one bit though.

Thanks all for feedback. My room is pretty small. 14x14 and I don’t listen loud normally. I’m 54 so my highs Are limited anyway. It all sounds fine down to around I would guess 100hz but then I’m missing something.

That could be down to the square room. You may have some nulling effects going on at low frequencies, which might also be combined with reinforcement at higher frequencies. Square rooms are very tricky, acoustically. Rooms that are a perfect cube, even more so…

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