Star earthing and Hydra power cables?

  1. What is star earthing (or star grounding)?

  2. Are hydra power cables star earthed?

  3. Do hydra power cables sound better than individual power cables in Naim systems, and if so, why (other things being equal)?

  4. If you get a hydra, what items should you include in the hydra and what not include? Specifically, should you include the power supply of an audio switch in a streaming system?

Star earthing/grounding is more related to amp signal grounds, this brings all the -ve in the signal path to one (common) point - the circuit can be drawn to look like a star, hence the name.

Re your question: Its been adopted with power supply earthing in audio & AV as an improvement over the more common buss bar method. see drawing .
In the electrical world its called a radial connection.

Do the Hyrdra’s have it, I don’t know, but looking at the construction & the connection box, I’d say probably more than likely as it does not make sense not to.

Re Hydra’s, I made my own once, not for me I’m afraid, too untidy.
But my power dist board in use now does have radial (star) L,N & E

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My experience of using a Hydra is that it improves upon the standard Naim leads but isn’t as effective as separate Powerlines.

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