Star refuses to play cd upon insert only rips

Is there a way to toggle between play or rip a cd upon insertion into a Uniti Star?

Yes. The screen should show options to play or rip when the disc is inserted. The remote allows selection of either.

You can toggle in the app

Thanks. Perfect. I tried all kinds of key words in the manual and it did not come up with anything. Naim might want to fix this.

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Also is there a way to make it look up the song data without ripping it. I’d like to just insert a disc and play it but still have acces to song titles.

Highly unlikely.

Only when it’s ripped. That’s if the cd is on discogs or other databases that it uses.
I find sometimes the cover art is missing as well , so use a 3rd party programme on the pc to add covers or edit track listings.

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