Starter Hi-Fi system


Currently have the Mu-so Qb 2nd Generation, which sounds great.

Was thinking of dipping into the ‘grown up’ Hi-Fi world, I was looking at some of the fantastic gear on here. Quite scary !!

Would welcome your thoughts;

I’m probably ltd as live in a terraced house with room 12’ x 12’ size. I have an extension to the rear of the property, same size.

Budget £3000 ish with some wiggle room.

Thanks for looking / reading, look forward to any wise words.



Hello Tim!

I think a Uniti Atom would be the perfect next step - and also talk seamlessly to your Mu-so Qb 2nd Generation, so you could have an instant multi-room system, all controlled from the same Naim App. (And Uniti Atom now supports TIDAL Connect as an option, too.)

A lot of Naim dealers offer excellent Atom + speakers packages for £3000 or just above. Would you get even more from the Atom with more expensive speakers? Quite possibly, but that could be your next upgrade a few years down the line.

There’s a Forum user here massively enjoying his new Atom with budget speakers until he can upgrade. I’ll find that thread and loop it in!

EDIT: here you go


Thanks for the prompt reply Clare !!

Will have a mooch

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Clare is spot on. Atom and some speakers.
I’m sorry you bought a QB2, I did that and two years later I have two systems and could have bought a new Alfa Romeo! :slight_smile:


Ha, Thanks Billy.

To chime in as well, at the beginning of the year I got a Uniti Atom and paired with ProAc Tab 10 Signature for near field listening in my study. Been one of the best money I’ve spent on audio gear in years and is making me revisit many albums that I never “got” before. And making me buy more jazz and classical music too :sweat_smile:


Chime away Jubei ! :slight_smile:

Uniti Atom looks neat, will check out the speakers too.


Are you just looking at streaming or is there CD or vinyl to take in to account?

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As Clare linked too , I,m running Q Acoustics 3020i speakers with my Atom , and I must say I,m loving it so far :grinning:, I too live in a terraced house and I very rarely go beyond 35 volume wise


Just streaming, Thanks

Brill thanks

Quality advice there. The other option is to bite the bullet and get an ND555, NAC552 and a 500 amp and save yourself 10 years or so of tweaking and improving, because there’s a good chance that’s where you’ll end up.


Interesting take, these forums are the learning curve I like.

Standing on the shoulders of giants, like you say, save years of expensive angst.


Speakers look the biz !

Naim used to put greater emphasis on use of their dealers to provide advice, which would include listening to various systems at your leisure, helping you to build the right system for your needs, and installing it for you so that they are sure it’s all working as it should.
Naim have very clearly changed tack in this respect, in that they try to steer you towards a Naim/Focal package as Naim are clearly being used by their big brother Focal to leverage increased market penetration into the UK. That’s good for business, and if it helps Naim to thrive in the long term, great, but it doesn’t necessarily put the best interests of its customers first in the way that it used to.
……anyway! I would suggest that if you want to build a great (Naim) system you could do a lot worse than to visit a few dealers, see what they have to offer, and stick with one you like. Many of us have great long term relationships with excellent Naim dealers, who then understand our needs, provide great after sales service, etc. This forum is a great resource, but it’s not a substitute for a good dealer.


Yep, wouldn’t expect much else from a naim Community tbh, but take you’re point absolutely.

Many Thanks.



I ended up getting a QB2 after (rather than before) a life with various Naim boxes - imho you’ve got the essence of Naim sound right there, and a reference point too. I will admit that I was considering an Atom for a smaller space upstairs after liking the Nova but had a chance to hear the QB2 in the process - I find it difficult to explain why I love listening to it so much but there you go, not every journey ends up with a 555552500…999?:slight_smile:

anyway I agree the Atom is a great way to have a superb neat smart Naim system, just choose the speakers well and suggest to make sure you test and like them in your room … and who knows where you end up!:slight_smile:


Worth mentioning at this point that a) I pointed the OP towards dealers offering packages in general, not just Naim/Focal packages b) All Focal speakers since 2012 have been developed and optimised using Naim electronics, so there’s a technical synergy there that goes beyond ‘market penetration’


Fair point well made