Starter System for son

It’s actually very good; I’ve heard it at Bristol hifi show 2020. We went in there twice, and I told Charlie (ex Naim md) if you want to hear the star of the show this weekend, go for a listen. And it does play music and would encourage more lp playing. I think you’d be surprised.


Always difficult. Does he want a music system in a permanent location?
A good bt reciever and speakers to connect his phone to may be enough. Other non system set ups could be a Node and active speakers.

If he does want streamer amp and TT input for later suggestions above are all good. Personal favourite from above would be Node, Nait and add a set of Dali Oberon 3.

Don’t force your hobbies on them get him something he would like or want not that you would like to get them. If he has shown a keen interest in music then get them a simple all in one speaker system and let them decide the path they go from there. My daughter’s had a system I built for her for years out of some older components I had she never used it, always listened on her phone. She loves music , plays music, always singing to the stuff she likes but doesn’t care for the fuss. Got her an Alexa for Christmas she was made up and uses it all the time. I reclaimed my stuff and it’s now back in use in my home office. Let kids decide on their own path.


I’ve heard it and it is v good. For that money I would go for Io, Kyte and Bluesound Node ( if he actually wants hifi)

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Maybe all he needs is something like Ruark MR1 Mk2 with whatever source he wants (laptop, phone, etc). Small, portable, will fit on sideboard/shelves, with a good variety of potential inputs. Well within budget. Can plug TT in as well with appropriate phono stage if required.


I think the MR1 MK2 are great. I have them in the spare room, with a 30+ year old B&O turntable and Cambridge Phono amp.

When I sit there listening to vinyl, radio or bluetooth (via MConnect) they sound great.

My 29 year old son borrowed the setup and loved it, but whilst he sells expensive guitars and amps, he has never showed any interest in owning a decent audio system…nor has my 31 year old son, who is very happy with his Amazon fiery dot type thing.

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Totally have to disagree, like many others, first heard it at the Bristol show, knew my brother in law was looking to spend that amount of money. He got it, actually so keen, that he took delivery as each component was released.
His daughter was so taken with the simple set up, she bought one, now he tells me two of his mates have followed suit.
It is totally listenable, his is switched on as soon as he gets home from work. Each is different, he collects on a totally different level to me, his mates have completely different music tastes and yes already had vinyl. His daughter, buys a record a week, it may well be a status thing, but in every case there is a genuine enjoyment of music.


My brother’s boy has hand me down Naim kit. As does the eldest girl. They both have Naits, adapted for streaming, and with 2nd hand Thorens decks.

Life-time loan – or rather advanced inheritance (or whatever the latter is called in proper English)? :wink:


Second-hand Atom and Neat Iotas (put on the wall to keep the sideboard tidy?), or similar speakers depending on what the used market offers where you are based.

At this point I would prioritise amp and source (the foundations) – at a later stage speakers could be upgraded (e.g. ProAc Tablette 10, these could be used with wall brackets too). And if you now buy preloved speakers, an upgrade down the route might involve little or no loss.

Start from 282/250 and then when your son wants to upgrade then goes to Boulder, Goldmund and FM Acoustic, etc.

1st gen pre-loved Uniti/SuperUniti with any additional sources through a cheap Airplay/Chromecast/Bluetooth device into one of the digital inputs (if needed) paired with some suitable stand mounted speakers.

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I not sure its true all kids know what they want.
I recently upgraded from a Rega RP3 to an P10 and was looking to sell the RP3 until my 16yr old daughter expressed an interest.
Until then she had just been on iphone and beats headphones.

Now she has the turntable , a unitiqute 2 ,a nap100 and some small Dali speakers and has taken a load of my vinyl.
She knew she wanted vinyl and knew she still was going to use spotify - but really had no idea what manufactures or eqipment she needed or any interest in reading what-hifi.
Now however she appreciates the system.

Second hand is definitely the way to go for kids.


He may prefer a portable system. An Astell & Kern player, headphone amp/DAC and headphones.
Best to get him involved IMO.

I had the same thoughts after i got me chrome bumpers serviced and recapped but then i thought nah. Kept it for myself. He can have it all when i pop me clogs

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Your daughter has a wonderful start to her music collection

My son is 16 and I’m not so sure I want him getting into this hobby, just for his own sanity! :slight_smile:


A used Unitiqute 2 from Tom Tom Audio and then spend the rest on a set of new Dynaudio speakers. I have this set up in a 2nd system albeit with older Dyns and it’s fantastic.

Streaming, iRadio, FM, DAB it has both analogue and digital inputs I have a TV and an Apple TV through mine.

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I have exactly this and since moving havent set it up; but my son preferred the simplicity of 2 Sonos Fives. The fact that he lives all the way across the country from me is part of it; but so is the fact that there are no cables and nothing’s easier than the Sonos software.

We use a Denon micro system in our kitchen. No streaming as such though it has Bluetooth. I have used several of them in the past and these little systems really are remarkably good.