Starting nd555 from remote favorit button strange behavior

One of the big advantages with the nd555 is the remote! I can start a favorit by pressing the favorites button on the remote without using any app.
I usually press the power down or whatever the button in the top right corner is called so the unit goes into standby and goes offline as a simple way to ensure no stream is playing when I am not listening to it anyway.
When I want to use the nd555 again I press the favorit and all my favorites and presets are internet radio stations.
The problem is that this always starts bbc radio 4, usually not the channel I want to listen to. I have ensured that the actual channel I want started is the first both in the list of favorites and presets in the app however no matter what I do bbc radio 4 is always started when I press the favorit button.
What am I missing or not understanding
about the way the remote works? And also is there a way to move among the favorits/presets using the remote without the app?

The way to move from favourite to favourite is to repeatedly press the favourites button.

Yes or rather it works one out of 10 times. Very strange since this was the first thing I tried.
Most times when I press favorites after having started the favorite the unit has selected nothing happens
, but in a rare situation this acutally does change to the next preset/favorit.

Maybe you are pressing the button too quickly. If you watch the screen you will see what it is doing. I think it needs time to move from one to the next.

Part of the problem seems to be that if a preset is also a favoirt you cannot move this way. As I think I now understand it only presets can be manipulated using the favorits button. I think both the terminology and remote/app way of handling these related but different concepts is a bit misleading currently.

Trying to get my lost main preset back I am now reminded of the way this workds.
Only a favorit can be assigned to a preset, and only a preset can be accessed from the favorit list using the favorit button on the remote.
And when you remove a favorit the preset is also removed.
Makes some sense but I still wonder why my preset radio stations refuses to work as the presets they are assigned to also, meaning I cannot move among presets using the favorit button on the remote.

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