Starting streaming

I have previously looked into streaming but did not feel the options were suitable so am now revisting the idea. I currently have Nait XS with CD5XS and would like to rip, store and playback my CD collection plus have internet radio. Nothing in the Naim range is suitable so have been told to consider a Novafidelity X45 or Innuous Zenmini3, both of which will rip, store and play in one box. Does anyone have experience of these. thanks

Recently demoed an NDX2 and 2 varieties of Innuos. Latter is just terrific. NDX2 really depends on what level you want to reach.

I used to use zen mini mk2 with chord dac as my Roon streamer and it was great! Now the zen is Roon core with a nova

I think the Zen Mini 3 is a good option, as unlike earlier models, it has a DAC, so gets you up and running. If you later move to a separate streamer or DAC, it’s still usable as a UPnP or Roon server etc.

@Nimrodmr2p, the Zen Mini Mk3 has analogue output so it would allow you to make a start with streaming. Given how much it can do I would not expect miracles out of it.

I tried the Zen Mk 3 and am settling on the Zenith Mk 2. As my goal was keep my nDAC (555DR PS) I tried a variety of USB to spdif converters. I am very very happy with the Audiophilleo 2 + PurePower especially as I got an 20 month old one for half price. Each Innuos model brought SQ improvements - the Zenith was clearly better. With a clean slate the Hugo might have appealed.


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