Startup time Unitilite

After updating my Unitilite to firmware 4.8 I noticed a considerable longer startup time when selecting DAB/FM stations. I-radio stations startup time is still reasonable fast and did not change.
I did a factory reset but no improvement.

Do you mean start up from the Unitilite powered off, or the time to switch to an FM or DAB station if the Unitilite is already powered up and on upnp for example?

From the Unitilite powered off as well as when the Unitilite is already powered up and I switch to DAB/FM

The reason I ask is because the Unitilite is supposed to be left on all the time and never switched off.

I will check with my Unitilite and see what that does (but it’s not connected up right now)

Ok I just powered up my Unitilite. It was on upnp, but I switched to FM and it took about 3 secs to start playing music. Similarly with DAB.

Then I put back my SuperUniti which is what is normally used there and it is pretty much identical in response times.

Both are on 4.8.

Is that different to what you find?

Thanks David for helping me further. I did some additional trials: From complete power up (Backside switch) it takes about one and a half minute to a DAB/FM station is audible and about 40 seconds before an I-radio station comes up. When switching in operation back and forth from I-radio to DAB/FM takes about 5 seconds. I recall from 4.7. a startup time to DAB/FM about the same a to I-radio, so about 30-40 seconds.

Hello David did you verify my figures to yours?

They sound pretty comparable to me. You shouldn’t be turning the unit off anyway, so if it takes some tens of seconds longer to fully startup from fully powered off, I don’t think that is significant.

Thanks David. The only reason I switch the unit off sometimes is to save my screen life.

You can stop the screen turning on for more than a few seconds in settings.

Beyond that, if the screen is off it doesn’t make any difference whether the unit is powered or not. I have a SuperUniti that was entirely off and the screen failed over a six month period.

Anyway maybe your’s will be fine. My Unitilite was the first Naim unit I bought and the screen is still as good as new.

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