Statement hits the floor

Warning. The following image may be disturbing to some viewers.

I swear I took care of it. Only used for premium Mao Feng Keemun. Never dropped it. The handle detached when picked up this morning.

I’m devastated.



It was obviously faulty and needs replacing under warranty😁


Kintsugi (“golden joinery”) is a Japanese method of repairing broken ceramics. Here is an example of a repaired bowl :relaxed:


The shock of seeing this has shattered my belief in the beneficial effects of hi-fi with the first coffee of the day.


So sorry to read about this Jan-Erik. It’s no consolation, but I’ve broken three Naim mugs of different types and I managed to glue two of them back together. I can’t use them safely anymore, so they just live in the cupboard…


Is this what they mean by ‘it sounds broken’?


This is indeed devastating, but take comfort in the fact that Naim service dept can work wonders with servicing and repairing their products going back up to 48 years!!


Attached to it I was. It to me less so, judging by the handle.

Thank you all for being so supportive in this moment of mug malfunction :slight_smile:


I wasn’t aware there were Naim mugs, where does one purchase them?

They get given away at events.

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Only special people have them. Money is not enough. You must be special.

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There is a way of using a TIG welder to fuse back together. I dont think I am allowed to post links but if you go on youtube and look for bad obsession motorsport they have a video of how to do it.

Just curious, but why? Either use them, chuck them or display them.

Because I find it difficult to throw them away - an emotional attachment, perhaps. And when, one day, someone asks (on here?) about the Naim mugs back through the years, I’ll at least have something to show them…


Thanks for being our archivist :+1:


“Given Away”??

Pah, I had to buy mine

But I do feel for Jan-Erik, I broke a “Southampton FC 125th Anniversary” mug a couple of years ago. Glued it back together, but cannot use it.

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My Naim mug was obtained at one of the Bristol HiFI show, one of the legandary Naim employees (now moved to a different company) offered to sell me one for some amount - I reminded him of how much Naim kit I had bought and suggested that the cost of a mug would be zero. All done in the best of spirits.

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I shan’t comment.

For once.


What about the Naim mugs through the ages Richard? What can you tell / show us?

Not a great deal if I can’t find the mugs…

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