Static charge?

I understand that there maybe a need to remove a static charge on physical media
Is the same periodically required for devices and cables perhaps via the use of an Anti-Static Device?
I accept that it might be variable depending on surroundings, e.g. nylon carpets etc.

Naim boxes are grounded, so they can’t build a static charge (provided appropriate cables are used and the Case Ground switch is in the right position); cables are left in position connected to the boxes, so no problem here either.


100% on wot Xanthe sez abut no need to be concerned.

The opening post bought back memories.
When I was working (pre-retirement) I used to spend a lot of time in Minneapolis, mostly in the depths of winter. Hotels with nylon carpets, brass room locks & keys that all held a static discharge that could be measured in numbers of inches. The only way was gird yer loins & go for it …
… ahhh sh* g**dam*it.


We lived and worked near Princeton in New Jersey for 4 years. That was back in the late eighties. Then the winter was cold and dry with wind chill factors added.
I soon learned the car key was an essential tool for the electrostatic discharge first thing in the morning :smiley:
Also a change to quality clothing and shoes of course helped :smiley:

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