Static Noise on Left Speaker - HELP!

I’ve had my system set up for months and it’s been working great and really enjoying it.

Just the other day, out of the blue, I noticed static noise coming from just the left speaker. I have a NAIT XS 2 to NAP 200 powered by a Hi-CAP. Here is what I’ve tried:

  • Swapped right/left speaker cables and noise changes speakers
  • Removed the NAP 200 to isolate this component and noise still present.
  • Changed banana plugs into XS2 for left speaker cables noise still present.

The speaker cable is shielded strait to the speaker under the crawl space so seems unlikely there is a short between the component and speaker. Could this be an issue in my XS2 just for that left channel?

You don’t mention what sources are connected. Is this the same on all sources, inputs ?

You may also want to start with just the XS2 (remove the Hicap and put the link plug back in) on its own to help your troubleshooting.

Surely if the noise changes channel upon speaker swap, the issue is with the speaker itself or the cable.
Did you swap the cables at the amp end or speaker end?

The noise changes speakers when I swap the right/left speaker cables on the amp end so it’s not the speaker or banana plugs to the speakers.
The source is a BlueSound streamer.

Is it possible the issue could be internal to the integrated amp (XS2)?
It’s not a consistent static sound - it dies down, then gets louder almost sounds like interference, such as cell phone signal, etc.

Possible, but you might want to start with the XS2 on its own (without Hicap and 200) and go from there.

I’ll remove the Hicap and see what that does. BTW, When I press the Mute button on the XS2 the static goes away. What does that say?

Possibly that it’s more source related. Have you tried swapping channels at the output of the Bluesound to see if it’s still specific to the left channel ?

Ok, here’s more info:

  • I removed the Hicap and the static was still there.
  • I have a stereo pair of Rel subwoofers and they are inline with the stero cable for right/left channels.
  • The left subwoofer doesn’t work at all. I suspect there is an issue with the splice from the left speaker to the subwoofer in the crawl space.
    Ugh! I was hoping to avoid crawling around in the crawlspace but it has to be the connection from the subwoofer to the left stereo cable. Thoughts?

That sounds suspicious - I’d disconnect the subwoofers as something doesn’t sound right there, especially as you say it’s the left one that isn’t working and you have the noise in the left channel…

Like I said, start with the basic system and then work from that baseline. It’ll help you troubleshoot :+1:

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