Stax and Nait xs2

I have a Naim Nait xs2 and stax l300
What connection do I use for line out into the energiser from the Nait please
In the manual It looks like av or hdd but I wasn’t sure
Does anyone no for certain before I make a mistake

I have been a Stax user including the old lamba for 30 plus years the old stax energiser used (SRD7) actually took signal from av out or tape out and then you connected your speaker cables to this. Of course these days simply use av out or tape out if that is available. I am no expert in any case hope this works well for you. One good use for these electrostatics as well is to see how well your speakers perform against what is a flat response in audible spectrum.

You need to use the DIN sockets for either AV or HDD in/out connections AFAICS:

If sub out is a simple line out that might work too, check the manual, or wait for someone who has one to confirm.

Sub out goes through the pre-amp, so no good. You need one of the record outs - either AV or hdd out. You’ll need either a tape lead or a custom interconnect for this as you’ll need the DIN wired for the rec out pins.

Hi Guys
Many thanks for your help !!
I have ordered the correct cable and will update you when it arrives next week
Kind regards

Cable arrived today and works perfectly from AV out
Many thanks for your advice

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Good to hear Tony.

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