Steel Kamado grill

Interesting to know how one ends up with 2 Kamados? Looks even like they are used simultanuously standing side by side?


I do use both to cook at the same time. Kids wanted fries and hot dogs last night. One was grilling and the other I used a pan for the fries. Come out lovely. I wouldn’t say no to a third!!! I follow Big Green Eggs on social media and some people have quite a few of them!!


Has anyone any experience of the Weber Steel Kamado style BBQs??

They’ve not really been mentioned yet - came out a few years back - Weber Summit Charcoal Grill, updated this year to include the Kamado name - Weber Summit Kamado (E6 = stand alone unit for about 1200GBP, S6 includes table grill centre for about 1800 GBP).

I have an older Weber Spirit 2 burner gas grill and last year bought a Smokey Joe jnr to charcoal grill - but have been lusting after a Kamado for ages - waiting on getting garden area kitted out and meant to be losing weight to justify the purchase to my better half…both still in progress! lol

Have watched lots of youtube vids on the Weber Kamado’s - by all accounts they look great, but as to be expected, expensive!

Pro’s = lighter than a ceramic Kamado, won’t crack or shatter if dropped or knocked, more resilient to the elements (esp Scottish climates as will be left outdoors, likely covered).
Con’s = cost…that’s about all I could find on my research…

Although with the update Kamado models this year they have skimped on a couple of features from the original model - no longer get hinged edges on the heat deflector plate for adding more fuel, no longer get a charcoal bin, shelving underneath is no longer solid but cheaper grate style.

Thoughts ??

Steady on……getting like the hifi….addictive😉

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