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Morning all

I’m currently using a chromecast audio to stream Spotify from my phone through my Nac 72/ Hicap Nap 250. And very nice it is. A couple of questions.

  1. Would I see an improvement in SQ if I upgrade to something like a Blusound Node?
  2. If Ido, then could I connect it to the Nac 72 via the phono outputs on the back of the Node?

Apologies for my very basic question. Zero’s and one’s are not my strong point.



You should be able to go into any of the Line Level inputs on your 72.

The BS Node comes with convenience, but the CCA is not bad either from convenience / usability point of view. I think you get the best sq improvement when you add a Dac between the CCA and the 72. I’ve been running a CCA → Chord Mojo → Nac 72 for quite some years and its great.

Thanks…is that because the dac in the chord is better that the dac in the CCA?

@Smithfire67 I’ve just added a Node to my 72/Hicap/180 using a chord crimson phone to din lead. For the money the node is fantastic.

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@SteveC did you have a streamer before that for comparison?

Yes was using a Yamaha WXAD10. Good little streamer for £150 only changed it for the node because my daughter wanted to use it in her system

I guess my thinking revolves around the notion that a 550 pound Node must sound better the a 60 pound CCA!

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