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Last year, someone on here mentioned Stereophile, so I subscribed for the online magazine for a year. I got an eMail a month or so ago stating they were going to renew it.
The only way to cancel was a phone number which did not work
Online, I cannot log in, tried asking for new password, does not work?!
Does anyone else have a problem, or better still, know how to get in touch with them to cancel the subscription?
Any help most welcome

Just contact your bank and cancel the payment - direct debit or whatever.


Sadly, this is often the only way. I’ve had organisations who made it effectively impossible to cancel a subscription - emails unanswered, requests seemingly ignored - and it was depressing how quickly cutting off the funding at source made them capable of communicating with me when they wanted to. Of course, I pointed out that it was, in part, their appalling communications track record that disinclined me to resubscribe, but it wasn’t a message the organisation wanted to hear.

I can only conclude that there must be enough people in the world who don’t take the nuclear option with such organisations that makes it worth their while continuing to act in such a dreadful manner.



I know this isn’t linked to what you asked but anyone in the UK interested in this magazine should check their libraries e-magazine options I read it monthly on the libby app on my phone through my library


Cases like this are where virtual disposable cards from the likes of Revolut are useful. Use a virtual disposable card when initially subscribing and no further payments can be taken from the card account

Their Subscriber section on the website is a terrible mess. If you google for “stereophile magazine unsubscribe”, Google finds a Contact Us page that seems not accessible from the website’s menu. Not sure if it’s current but it says:

Subscriber Services
Change of Address, Missing Issue, Renewal, etc.
Phone: 800-666-3746
Website: (with a link that does not work)

The phone might not work as 800… are toll-free US numbers, but you can try by prefixing it with +1 for US.

Yep. That simple. Even easier if you do online banking!

Thanks very much for the replies, most helpful.
I have contacted my bank and cancelled the payment.
It does put one off doing anything online by subscription. I am pretty sure I did not agree to auto renewal, but as I cannot even get logged in - who knows

I’m not familiar with these ‘disposable card’ systems, but would this not just be a substitution of one direct debit arrangement for another? How do you pay (for example) Revolut other than with a similar contract? Could you not run into the same problem with them?

A disposable card is a one-time use card so once you use that card number for a payment it can never be used again. So in the case of a magazine subscription paid annually, use a virtual disposable card and even if you forget to un-check auto renew the magazine won’t be able to bill you again. I have a Revolut card and treat is as a pre-pay debit card and top it up from my main bank account but it can also be used as a traditional current account too. But as for virtual disposable cards, think of them as similar to one-time passcodes generated from the card provider app. They’re also a great prevention from fraud, if a fraudster gets a hold of the card details they’re of no use to them. For one-off online payments they’re ideal.

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On the subscription page it says that auto renewal is the default. Though who knows, considering that not even the link to the account website is working.

I wouldn’t necessarily let myself be put off from subscribing online from reputable outlets, but web pages full of errors are a warning sign even if just honest mistakes :slight_smile:

I also took out a subscription to Stereophile mag.
Did you actually take out the subscription on Stereophile’s web site?
Do you read and download the mag using the Stereophile app?
If yes to the second question, I believe it’s not organised by the magazine itself but by a third party called Zinio. I’ve just checked my account with them to check on the state of my account, I’d already turned off auto renewal at the start of my subscription.
You can’t log in on Stereophile’s own web site try a search for Stereophile Zinio, I can’t put link on the forum for you.

If non of the above ignore this.

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I have subscribed to digital Stereophile nearly 15 years ago. Still enjoying. About 12 euros per year. It’s nothing.
This month is very interesting: Gryphon Commander pre , J Sikora reference turntable, Clearaudio Jubilee turntable.

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