Steve Wilson Remix's

Sorry if posted already but i found interesting

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@anon71888798 will enjoy that :joy:

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Thanks for posting, I’ll check this out later. Certainly his own and the Porcupine Tree recordings are very good quality, production wise.

They are a mixed bag. Some are subtle, some are heavily reworked. But that’s the thing about remixes, you have to park your love of the original mix, however much you love it, to begin to explore the new version. It’s like being disappointed when a favourite book becomes a film you dislike. These difference often apply to different tracks on the same album.

Regardless of if you land on the remix or prefer the original, Wilson has it nailed on the sound quality front. Everything is rendered in the highest quality possible, at the highest resolution possible, from original flat transfers and/or needle drops, in addition to his remixed finished material.

The main problem with Steven Wilson is that there simply isn’t enough of him. If ever a genius needed cloning…

The loudness bit is irrelevant. Of course he doesn’t compress the DR. Nobody who cares about music would. And he renders original transfers in HiRes huh? Wow! Who knew?! And pulling stuff off 50 year old tapes not only shows the limitations of the original process, but has a potential to clean it up and emphasise different frequencies? Give the narrator a PhD! (OK, a bit of cynicism creeping in there, but honestly, who needs a bloke with a YouTube account to recycle the bleedin’ obvious? None of this is revelatory.)

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Interesting comments, cheers all

I had a think back and look back through all my Steve Wilson stuff that has slid into my colection over the years after seeing this thread. I had forgotten just how much excellent stuff he has knocked out. Quite some track record and not over yet.

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I’d love to know if he’s listened to Naim stuff or proper hifi. He seems to care about the quality, so maybe he has.

I once asked him what hi-fi he used at home and he could not remember - was not Naim…

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