Steven Wilson: The Modern Rock Producer

For those of us who have enjoyed his music & re-masterings, good interview:


My computer is still playing up, so I can’t open your attachment, but am I right in thinking that Steven Wilson was in charge of re-mastering a number of the Yes albums that came out on CD a few years ago? They sounded great, but the copies that I bought came in ridiculous paper sleeves, which gave nil protection to the silver discs.

(I think that some early advertisements for CDs - many years ago, around the time of their original release - claimed that they were impervious to being smeared with marmalade (not jam, mind you!), or even having electric drills making holes through them - with accompanying photographs of the mangled discs to prove the point. Were such advertisements really published, or am I losing all touch with reality?)


That was on Tomorrow’s World. I’m sure it was demonstrated that it could have marmalade smeared on it and it would still play.
Here’s a non marmalade demo

Yes it’s the same Steven Wilson; he has remastered many albums by bands such as tears for fears, king crimson, ultravox and Roxy music. Also a musician/ singer eg porcupine tree.

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I remember the ‘jam on it’ boast, but drilling the disk would surely eradicate some of the data?I seem to recall even the jam coating was proven to be erroneous? As for reality, does it even exist any more ?

The claim, as I remember it, was that the data was encoded many times over the silver disc, so - the theory went - you could physically remove some of the disc, but the player would still find the music (or whatever) encoded on a different part of the disc.

As I said, it sounded like bow locks then, and I never hear such silly claims being made for CDs these days.

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Hi Graham,

Yes = Yes.


…And Jethro Tull. Even on yootoob they sound good!

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Very good. I had seen it, but had not watched it. Have now… :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you…!!

When I bought my first streamer, a Naim NDS, I set about ripping all my CDs. I was only partway through the process when I’d already encountered about 30 or so discs which were rejected by, or got stuck inside, the (then) UnitiServe. These discs were all in mint condition too. However, I had one disc, Dire Straits Brothers in Arms, which, when held up to the light, would display several gaps in the aluminium layer. Funnily enough, this disc ripped perfectly. Maybe there is something in those claims made by Phillips / Sony (or was it John Cleese in the TV advertisement?) after all.

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