Steven Wilson - The Royal Albert Hall LPs

Hi, yesterday I dedicated the afternoon to this 5 LPs box set and it was such a wonderful listening session that I cannot refrain to share it with you.

It’s an amazing work of art, the quality of the recording, mixing, mastering and also printing of the lacquer are outstanding. The sound is brilliant without bein harsh at all, very detailed but not fatiguing and so involving with a touch of a tube-like sound. Also the soundstage is beautifully captured. It’s really a pleasure to listen to this quality level and it also proves that it is possible to make very good sounding records.

Musically it is also excellent, some may not like the recent “pop” drift of To The Bone and as usual everyone has its own taste but I think it is an excellent performance.

To anyone interested in his music and is also a vinyl lover this is a must have gem. It goes without saying that this is my opinion but I liked to share it with you all :smiley:


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