Stewart Copeland’s Adventures In Music - BBC 4

I’ve just watched this on BBC 4 tonight, its absolutely fascinating & a must see (& hear) for any music lover who wants to better understand music & the human psyche.
He explores how music brings people together & how it communicates stories like no other art form.
He investigates why music has seemingly transcendental powers that enable us to escape and connect with ……

The most fascinating section (for me) was when he joined with Bobby McFerrin (jazz singer/technician supremo) & a classroom of kids, Bobby got the kids singing a pentatonic scale, he didn’t teach them, they already knew it, yes us humans are wired in the womb with the pentatonic scale

There are 3 x 1 hour episodes, Friday nights BBC4.
If you’re in UK & missed it, iPlayer is your friend, if you’re outside UK look around on your web search engine, I’m not sure its available yet, but it will be, it’s seriously something not to miss.


Thanks Mike, I’ll IPlayer it over the weekend.

Been on before. You end up finding him infectious and intelligent but you could certainly see why Sting wanted to lamp him.

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It was Stewart Copeland’s Dad who financed The Police. Without his money Sting would be nothing.


@Mike-B I should brillant programe, both on a musical but also peronal scale, loved Choir. Choir. Choir

looking forward to watching the next programme

I can also tell Mrs D my music bug was already in me!

But without Sting’s songwriting ability, we probably would never have heard of Copeland.

Thanks Mike…just watched the first programme, fascinating and he brings a warm enthusiasm to the interviews which could be sterile. Great one…cheers.


Not to mention all the people who would gladly lamp Sting, talented but pretentious, arrogant little git that he is.


To be fair music is generally nothing without pretentious and the word arrogant applies to every member of the Police.

If people are significantly successful could it not be that they are not arrogant but simply accurately self-aware? Whether this is an entirely attractive trait is of course a different matter.

Sting is many things, but self-aware is not one of them. Had he a scintilla of self-awareness, he would not be mocked as he is.


Program 2 of 3 is on tonight
BBC-4 from 21:30 to 22:30

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I would.

I’ve just finished watching all three programmes. Whilst interesting and entertaining, I’m not sure old Stewie wasn’t just dancing about architecture for three hours. By saying he wanted to find out why music has the effects on us that it does, was he setting himself an impossible task?


I felt in general the three programs did make sense w.r.t. the subjects premise, & some did, some significantly so.
However the significant/memorable/outstanding subjects could well be condensed into a 1 hour program, that said, the padding elements did make a contribution in the overall story.

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