I watched the new Jackie Stewart film last night on Sky Documentaries. An outstanding film - as good as ‘Senna’ and possibly better. The footage is incredible and shows the bravery of the drivers in that era. Heart wrenching at times. Sir Jackie’s own story of dyslexia is a triumph in and of itself.

For those with an interest in motorsport, this is highly recommended.


Sir Jackie (along with British contemporaries such as Graham Hill and Jim Clark) comes from a completely different age of motorsport, a time when every time that they stepped into their car could well be their last. Not many sports demand that level of bravery (some might use a stronger word).

He also deserves praise for his continued efforts to make motorsport ‘safer’ - no sane person would call it ‘safe’, even today - for the drivers.

I wonder why Scotland, a comparatively small country, produced so many great drivers - Stewart and Clark, but also David Coulthard and Colin McRae. Many seem to have started driving early on fathers’ farms, while others were driving in rallies as soon as their feet reached the pedals.

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Unless I missed it, this didn’t feature in the Stewart film.

George and Jackie were great friends.


The highlight for me :slight_smile:


Just watched the documentary in full and yes it’s very good, would happily watch again. Thanks for recommending.

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