Sticky CD drawer

I’ve just bought a 2014 Unitilite which doesn’t appear to have had much (if any) use. All appears to be working perfectly, APART from the CD drawer.

It sometimes needs a bit of manual persuasion to eject - it comes out about 1cm and stops but comes out the rest of the way if I give it a little pull. It is a little slow to load CDs but plays perfectly.

I suspect that the issue will be dried up lubrication in the transport mechanism so I was wondering if anyone else has encountered this issue? I’ve worked on plenty of vintage hifi so I’m happy to get in to the workings but I wanted to check if it is a known issue before I get the screwdrivers and light machine oil out!

I would strongly advise you speak to Naim’s service dept. first before doing anything that may make things worse, or even end up requiring a much more costly repair.

This happened a bit on my old unitilite when I had it. I used the remote to shut the door and then reopen and it was OK. It only did it if the CD drawer was not used for a couple of weeks though. After playing a couple of CD’s it was back to being good as gold. I bought mine new in 2016 and it started after about 6 months but never really bothered me that much, perhaps I am too easy going !

Same issue with mine. I hardly play CDs and when I bought it ex-dem my dealer mentioned that it had been fitted with a new mechanism. Lovely unit but perhaps the mechanism isn’t it’s strongest point. Perhaps I’ll get mine fixed one day! Good luck with yours but I agree that it’s best not to open the case and poke around inside - one static discharge and you could be looking at a bigger bill.

Sorry, I should have put this in context. I’ve plenty of experience restoring and dealing in vintage hifi equipment so I’m confident opening up a piece of equipment like this. I’ve worked on reel to reel and cassette decks and some early CD transports.

Ditto with me including building valve amps. Obviously up to you but I’d be tempted to let Naim take a look.

It is a fairly common fault on the unitilite I think. Mine does it and I just pull the door open to eject cds on the rare ocassion that I play a cd on it rather than stream a ripped CD. I believe the repair often needs a new mechanism and costs around £300 so doesn’t seem worth it to me. If someone does work out a DIY repair I would be interested in finding out about it and possibly undertaking it myself.

I have this problem from new.
I have found that leaving it in standby all the time seems to stop the problem.
If I turn it off the first time I prees the remote to open the drawer it sticks.

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