Sticky radio cases!

I have a couple of old Pure One Classic radios. These have a matt plastic finish on them and that finish is now degrading and has become very unpleasant to handle. I am quite sure this is just old plastic finishes but the radios are great. Has anyone suggestions about painted layers etc that get rid if the stickiness? I have tried to remove it with an alcohol but that hasn’t worked.

Many thanks

Any type of solvent just makes it worse. I have three that I stripped and cleaned. Two were used in the kitchen and were very grubby inside.
But no, my cases were degraded too.

So what did you use to clean the cases down or are you saying nothing worked? These have just been around the house and the stickiness is not grease etc. , the surface has just degraded I think.

We have two, which both developed the “sticky Case syndrome”.

After some thought, I have used some Autoglym products I had to hand.

Fast glass to remove dust and debris and then vinyl (not records) and rubber care to preserve the cleaned surface.

Worked for me.


Also, make sure you use a lint-free cloth otherwise you get more rubbish sticking to the radio casing. :grinning:


I used green Cillet Bang worked well, took the case to a matt plastic finish.

Our Roberts kitchen radio gets grungy too, and I’m happy to admit it’s not case degradation since I clean it down successfully every so often.

Domestic methylated spirits (the cheap smelly purple stuff) does the trick for me nicely. It can be nasty on some finishes, though, so the usual advice about trying it on an inconspicuous area first definitely applies.


Wow another problem with Pure Radios, we had an Evoke and it suffered numerous faults which I fixed, plus an all to easily chipped case before the OLED display died with no posibility of repair, I stripped it for its battery pack, charger and a few parts. A colleague had similar issues having owned two.

IMO Utter (and very expensive) crap.

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