Sticky Unitilite CD Drawer

What has been the consensus on resolving CD drawer that doesn’t open. I have been making regular trips to my dealer for repairs. The dealer advised me that the failure is a result of poor design. Does Naim provide any replacements for the transport mechanism? This has been very frustrating.

Are you able to open the flap and unstick the drawer?

From what I can make out from previous posts on this, there are two potential issues; the first is that the belt has loosened and needs replacing. The second is that the mechanism hasn’t dropped fully to allow the drawer the open. I’m wondering whether @NeilS can advise here to help you resolve this.

I believe other forum members have had success with replacing the drawer motor drive belt. However Naim do not stock the belts as a separate item (we replace the entire loader assembly).
So you would need to source a suitable belt if a DIY fix is desired - a search of threads here may give you some specs.


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What Richard writes is correct, I’ve come across the same problem with a friend’s Unitilite. It’s a well-known fault, no need to get a new drawer assembly. Whether it’s the belt or the drawer mechanism itself, it can be repaired: there are two excellent threads on the subject.

Yes I had this problem. I bought a pack of 100 miscellaneous belts for “cassette tape player repairs” for about £10 on eBay and changing the belt is the work of about 30 secs.

Note though it’s important that you don’t dismantle anything. In fact no amount of dismantling helps. You just turn the Unitilite off, pull the drawer out, unhook the belt which you can see inside the player underneath the drawer, find one that is a bit smaller and put it in. It looks impossibly difficult to do, but actually it is easy!

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I replaced the belt once and the problem reoccurred. I took the unit to the dealr they affixed a tab to the flap and advised I need to pull that down and the crawer would open. I tried my first CD with this method and the drawer opened. But after the CD palyed for about 4 minutes it started skipping and stopped playing. I can’t restart CD in the drawer and also am now unable to eject the CD, because the drawer won’t open even when I pull the flap down. I reported this to the dealer who advised that I need a new transport which they say will fix both issues. Since this is a known fault of the Unitilite is Naim doing anything to cover the expense of repair. I would think this would be fair given that the player has had more downtime thatn playtime since I bought the unit in 2016.

If it’s inside warranty they will fix it for you, but if it’s out of warranty they will charge for the repair. It’s that straightforward.

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